Adds war gaming to the sandbox world

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Guncraft takes the core idea of Minecraft and adds a variety of attributes from other genres ranging from racing games to first-person shooters.

In an odd twist of fate, many gamers have taken a step back from the cutting-edge graphics that dominate the industry and have reverted to titles that focus on gameplay instead of eye-catching worlds. In the long list of pixelated games that are now flooding the market, Guncraft blends the unique design of Minecraft with features from a number of other genres to create an interesting twist on first-person shooters. For those still unsure how this unusual blend of first-person shooters, builders, and racing games, here is a closer look at what Guncraft brings to the table.

Outwardly, this title tends to resemble first-person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield more than any other style of game. Players begin by choosing a character, a loadout, and their weapon before each match that they enter into. Matches are generally played as team skirmishes, but there are also a number of other standards such as king of the hill, capture the flag, and a survival mode with zombies. As players progress through the game, and through each match they enter into, they can make changes to their loadout and upgrade their gun as time goes on. Once within the game, however, Guncraft takes a dramatic turn away from all other first-person shooters with some unique mechanics.

During each match, players have the ability to quickly switch from a killing mode to a building mode in order to alter the map and any items that are lying around them. Just as in Minecraft, almost everything that the character comes into contact with can be demolished, moved, and rebuilt on the fly. Teams can work together to create bunkers to protect themselves from aerial flybys or attempt to tunnel into an enemy base unseen. This opens up a slew of unique tactics that are not seen in any other game. As the environment is destroyed and once again rebuilt by gunfire and other weaponry, and teams will have to constantly tweak their strategies to keep ahead of the competition.

Guncraft has begun the process of blending a number of styles together in a way that has never been seen before and opens up the industry to some interesting possibilities. While there is a sense of quirkiness to the game that will no doubt draw in some avid fans, those that are not dedicated Minecraft and first-person shooters may only have passing interest in this game.


  • Almost infinite options for the customization of maps and weapons
  • Unique team and single-player tactics
  • A variety of enjoyable game types


  • A number of pointless building options within the matches
  • Many levels and skills are unbalanced

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